I couldn't be any happier

I hired JMK electric because they were very professional, answers their emails in a timely manner,  and reasonable with the cost. Jay and his crew did a fantastic job with my new EV charging station. I requested a quote and they gave me a reasonable deal and very competitive with their prices. I couldn't be any happier. Jay's crew did their job in a timely manner and cleaned up their areas respectively. I waited for a month to do this review and made sure everything was running properly. So far its great, I am getting 25 miles/hour on the charge. I am happy, wife is happy and parents happy. We all charge our EV vehicle next to the garage and it is very convenient. I have some other future projects when I save more money and would definitely chose JMK electric again. Thank you Jay and JMK electric..... Joeben

Danielle Kats